Classic dark brown genuine leather watch band 14mm 16mm 18mm 20mm

21.46 EUR

Watch strap made of genuine leather that fits perfectly on any watch. Why not a vintage Omega or a Daniel Wellington?

Soft and comfortable leather, which is a bit structured.

Stainless steel buckle. If you want gold colored buckle, you can buy it separately under the Watch tools, strap pin and buckle section.

The buckle is 2mm narrower than the strap width. It is possible to remove and switch to another color. For example, a 16mm buckle fits on an 18mm bracelet.

Thickness: about 3.5 mm


14mm: 10 + 6 cm

16mm: 10 + 6.5 cm

18mm: 11 +7 cm

20mm: 11.5 + 7.5 cm